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"What's in a Name?"

The Grey Wolf reminds us of our connectedness to the earth and its co-habitants. Our designs are about creating unique spaces and buildings within an environment. We operate our design studio as a learning community. Like a wolf pack, no one individual or their contribution is more important than the collective whole.


Grey Wolf Architecture is a full service architectural firm which has experienced solid growth and employs a core team of seasoned professionals.

The essence of quality design lies in the pursuit of balance, Vision, Utility, interaction and a sense of delight. Every client, project and budget deserves a distinctive design solutions. Any designer can design to an unlimited budget. The real challenge is to design within the projectís budget.

We are proud to offer design solutions which meet the projectís objectives, budget and still exceed the clientís expectations. Our projects illustrate it is possible to create architecture within a successful blend of sustainable design, budget, function and image. Our staff help clients translate elusive ideas into a design reality.



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